Meet the Candidates – St. Pete 2017

Meet the candidates on the ballot for the August 29, 2017 St. Petersburg City Primary Election. These brief profiles give you a basic introduction to who they are, where they are from, and what their top three priorities are, if elected.

Mayoral Candidates

Rick Baker

Rick Baker has been a Business Acquisition lawyer, a Law Firm President, a University Vice President – and he now serves as President of a St. Petersburg-based company involved in development, hotels, real estate, sports, entertainment and hospitality. From 2001 to 2010, he served as mayor of St. Petersburg – Florida’s fourth largest city. Under Mayor Baker’s leadership St. Petersburg experienced a renaissance unmatched in city history. View video interview & more

Anthony Cates III

Mayoral Candidate | Anthony Cates III was born in Saint Petersburg, Florida, December 13th, 1989, to Anthony Cates Sr. and Irene Cates. Anthony attended Bardmoor Elementary, Azalea Middle, and Boca Ciega High School. He excelled in academics receiving both Doorways and Ebony Scholarships in fourth and fifth grade. Since third grade he has always dreamed of becoming a lawyer and was determined nothing would stop him. View more on Cates

Rick Kriseman

Mayoral Candidate | As mayor, Rick Kriseman leads an organization of nearly 3,000 employees and a city of nearly 260,000 residents. Rick ran for mayor 4 years ago to move St. Pete forward. As the son of a small business owner, Rick understands the importance of rolling up your sleeves, and getting to work on tough problems. Rick is proud of what we’ve accomplished, and even prouder to call St. Pete home. View video interview & candidate questionnaire

Theresa Lassiter

Mayoral Candidate | Jesus’ words immortalizes true meaning of servant hood, “…whoever is chief among you, let him be servant of all…” Tee’s words she seeks to immortalize through activism, “a Voice for the Voiceless.” Momma Tee, is a servant for people and chants: “It’s all about the People, and it is All about Helping People.” View video interview & candidate questionnaire

Jesse Nevel

Mayoral Candidate | Jesse grew up in a family of Jewish activists for social justice who influenced him to take action to change the world. During his childhood in Miami, Jesse witnessed the grave disparities faced by poor and oppressed communities in Liberty City and Overtown and searched for ways to become politically active. He focused his efforts on voter registration drives. View more

Paul Congemi

Regarding Paul “The Truth” Congemi, this website will not carry any content on the candidate who publicly voiced opinion that black people should go back to Africa.

Candidates for City Council District 6

Justin Bean

City Council, District 6 | Justin Bean has not only been active, but has been a leader in numerous community efforts to better our city. Whether working to transform Williams Park and the surrounding district into a destination; or working to ensure a fiscally responsible Pier, to organizing round tables with city staff to plan for the economic development and smart growth of our city, he will always roll up my sleeves and jump right in. View more on Bean

Robert Blackmon

City Council, District 6 | Robert Blackmon is running for city council because we need a citizen-focused approach to government. Unlike many of the other candidates, he was born in the heart of our district, and grew up here. He is a product of the public education system of our city, and attended St. Petersburg High school before graduating from Florida State University with a degree in Political Science, with dual minors in Communications and Emergency Management. As a lifelong resident, he recognizes the need for a new generation of leadership with fresh thinking and a new perspective. View video interview & candidate questionnaire

Eritha Akile Cainion

City Council, District 6 | Akile is a 20-year-old woman, born and raised in the poor and working class sectors of the black community on the south side of St. Petersburg, Florida, by her step-mother and campaign treasurer, Erica Cainion, as well as her father, Bruce Cainion, who spent most of their time summing up the deplorable conditions that the black community faced and still endures today. These political discussions soon sparked her interests and developed into a fierce desire to participate in work that would end these conditions. View video interview & more

Gina Driscoll

City Council, District 6 | Gina has lived in St. Petersburg for over 10 years and is dedicated to making the city a better place to live, work, and raise a family for all of our residents. She has also worked to improve the business climate in St. Petersburg for both large and small business. Gina understands the importance of tourism as an economic driver in St. Petersburg and has been a leading voice supporting the Sunshine Street Team. View video interview & candidate questionnaire

Corey Givens, Jr.

City Council, District 6 | Corey Givens is a dedicated leader and a strong voice for St. Petersburg’s South Side and Downtown.  In addition to volunteering his time to dozens of community groups and causes, he serves on the South St. Petersburg citizens Advisory Council and as President of the Lakewood Terrace Neighborhood Association. View video interview & candidate questionnaire

Jim Jackson

City Council, District 6 | A decade-long resident of St. Petersburg, Jim Jackson has devoted his life to education and counseling. He is a passionate advocate within the community and brings a citizen focus to facing our City’s challenges. View video interview & candidate questionnaire

James Scott

City Council, District 6 | James Scott has led sustainability and community initiatives in St. Petersburg since his arrival in 2008. A graduate of University of South Florida St. Petersburg’s Environmental Science and Policy program, Scott established the State of Florida’s first student-led clean energy fund, secured USFSP’s commitment to carbon-neutrality, and led the net-zero energy parking garage project that was largely funded by a $1 million SunSense grant from Duke Energy. View video interview & candidate questionnaire

Maria Scruggs

City Council, District 6 | Maria is a champion of our community. As head of the NAACP, and having had experience in the criminal justice system, Maria knows how to get things done – for everyone. She proposes a comprehensive community development plan for Midtown that links jobs and businesses opportunities to real jobs and potential business opportunities. View video interview & candidate questionnaire