Theresa Lassiter

Jesus’ words immortalizes true meaning of servant hood, “…whoever is chief among you, let him be servant of all…” Tee’s words she seeks to immortalize through activism, “a Voice for the Voiceless.” Momma Tee, is a servant for people and chants: “It’s all about the People, and it is All about Helping People.”

Candidate Answers & Information
Hometown (City & State): St. Petersburg, FL
Years in St. Petersburg: 61 years
Years in District (Council candidates):
Marital Status: Divorced
No. of Children + Ages: Four – all adults
Organizational Endorsements:
Occupation: Disability, Founder & CEO of Successes Unlimited Women & Youth Business Center, Inc.& The Grassroots Community Activist
Current & Prior Career Positions: Clerical
Education: St. Petersburg High School & St. Petersburg College AA in Paralegal Law
Community Service/Leadership Roles: Weed & Seed of St. Petersburg, Community Task Force for HOPE VI, COQEBS, NAACP of St. Petersburg, Pinellas County School Community Task Force served as Co-Chair with Dr. Valerie Brimm
Organizational Affiliations: Proud Member of Bethel Community Baptist Church
Priorities if Elected: Jobs and Affordable Housing, Small Businesses in South St. Petersburg, Effective Programs for the Youth and Elderly
Telephone Number: 727-656-0610
Facebook page:
Instagram page:
Agree & will support Disagree & will not support Agree in principal; suggest changes Disagree but open to discuss Don’t know enough; willing to learn Other Thoughts
The 2020 Plan to reduce poverty by 30% in South St. Petersburg by 2020  X
Collective Empowerment Group Comprehensive Plan for Economic Growth & Wealth Building  X
People’s Budget Review

New Deal  Economic Growth Policies & Initiatives

Continued use of South St. Petersburg CRA funding for workforce & business development


Social Impact Bond structure to increase investments in programs to increase employment & income in community  X
Universal Community Benefit Agreement Policy of targeting contracts and jobs to community workers and firms, for all city-supported development projects


Concerned Organizations for Quality Education for Black Students (COQEBS) on-going push for school district policies, programs & investments to close the achievement gap for black students


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