District 8


Council District: City Council District 8

Top 3 Priorities, If Elected:

  1. Balance development with affordability and maintaining our unique character. 
  2. Reconnect to our neighborhoods and independent businesses
  3. Accessibility of all forms to all citizens of St Pete.

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Years in St. Pete: 35

Age: 60

Current or Most Recent Non-Elected Occupation & Employer:

Building Inspector, City of St Petersburg

Current or Most Recent Elected Position:

Former St. Petersburg City Councilmember

5 Past or Present Community Service Roles or Projects:

  • Historic Kenwood President 
  • Grand Central President 
  • St Pete Planning Commission
  • St Pete Public Art Commission
  • Greenlight Pinellas Transit Initiative

Up to 5 Endorsements of Your Candidacy:

  • Tampa Bay Times
  • St Pete Police PBA
  • Council Chair Montenari
  • Former Council Chair Gerdes
  • Former Council Chair Curran

Up to 5 Organizations You Financially Support or Are a Member or Officer of:

  • Historic Kenwood Neighborhood Association 
  • Grand Central Main Street District 
  • Preserve the Burg
  • St Pete Arts Alliance

Family Details:

2 Children born and raised in St Pete
I Grandson also born and living in St Pete

3 Specific Actions, Policies or Programs I Can Influence, if Elected, That Will Make Life Meaningfully Better for African Americans in St. Pete: 

  • Accessibility to all programs city offers 
  • Opportunity to live out life in your home through affordable housing programs
  • Benefit from property value increases and the generational wealth it can provide

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