Big bounce in black precincts at poll closing

-By Gypsy C. Gallardo

Polls closed at 7 p.m. with St. Petersburg’s 19 majority-black precincts* showing a vote count at least 21% higher than in 2013 (9,230 so far today versus 7,617 in 2013)!

This is a bigger bounce than the 11% increase in votes across the rest of the city, i.e., outside of the majority black precincts (47,045 so far today versus 42,438 in 2013).

If the party-affinities shown in the most recent poll held through today, the race may be closer than predicted in the August 23rd poll by

It could be a while longer before we know who came out on top in the precincts that house three-quarters of the city’s African American voting population.

*Precincts where a majority of voters were African American in the 2013 general election.


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