Dead heat in black precincts for Kriseman v Baker

-By Gypsy C. Gallardo

St. Petersburg’s majority-black precincts* showed a “dead heat” result between Mayor Rick Kriseman and former Mayor Rick Baker in today’s primary election.

According to preliminary precinct results posted at 8:49 p.m. by the Supervisor of Elections, Kriseman took 45.9% of the vote in the city’s 19 majority-black precincts, with Baker at 45.9% as well. The precise count had Baker ahead by a mere two votes, 4,275 to 4,273.

The results show a last-month rally for Kriseman among African Americans, who gained an estimated 18 points in the black vote since the July 17th poll commissioned by and conducted by StPetePolls.

Citywide, after months of predictions of Kriseman trailing Baker by seven points or more, Kriseman posted results ahead of Baker by a fraction of one percent (48.36% to Kriseman, 48.23% to Baker).

Pastor Louis Murphy, who endorsed Kriseman in the pivotal final month of the primary cycle says “Our community is awakening to the undeniable fact that all politics start locally, and people are hungry for progress. I believe Mayor Kriseman and Deputy Mayor Dr. Tomalin have the right vision to secure precisely the policies and investments that will make ‘progress’ a reality.”

From his victory party, as though in sync with Murphy’s theme, Mayor Kriseman says “We’re very excited to move forward in a continued march to progress. Our work is just beginning. Tonight St. Pete spoke, and I am so grateful to the community for this show of support.”

The other four candidates in the mayoral race won 8% combined in the 19 majority-black precincts.

Watch for more reporting tomorrow after TheBurgVotes team recovers from a wild-ride of a cycle!



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