Robert Blackmon: Candidate for City Council District 6

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2 thoughts on “Robert Blackmon: Candidate for City Council District 6”

  1. Lynette Davis says:

    PTEC; which does construction job training is not less than 1 year. Incorrect on “you can get training in less than a year” . Most PTEC construction students need to get a GED before entering the program which also takes time. Be realistic if you want credibility.
    Also; entry level construction meaning just graduated from PTEC isn’t going to get $15.00 out the gate; call an electric company ask what they pay helpers and entry level workers, call construction companies & ask the same, contact PTEC & get statistics on graduates… they aren’t earning the wage you quoted.

  2. Lynette Davis says:

    All these companies in St Petersburg; why not find out what their statistics are for employing minorities at what rate of pay? Get more Midtown residents in high paying jobs with employers- there are plenty of high school grads and college graduates in the community who can’t seem to get hired with local employers that pay the 50k wages; why? Ask those employers why?

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