Kriseman and Nevel Come Out on Top in Survey of Black Millennials

– By Gypsy C. Gallardo

Young voters surveyed over the past week by the Power Broker Media Group chose current Mayor Rick Kriseman by more than two-to-one over his top challenger, former Mayor Rick Baker (41% to 17%).

In rank order, the 101 Millennials who completed the Power Broker’s non-scientific survey named Rick Kriseman, Jesse Nevel and Rick Baker as their candidates of choice in the upcoming Mayoral election.

The same top three surfaced among black Millennials, who comprised 72% of the young people taking part in the seven-question survey. They chose Kriseman over Baker by an even larger margin (41% to 12%).

Nevel, who is himself a Millennial, placed third among respondents overall (15%) and second among black respondents (19%).

Possible generational divide (a sharp one)

The young adults surveyed by the Power Broker show much different leanings than those arising from scientific polls by StPetePolls this June and July.

In StPetePolls’ July 17th poll, only 6% of respondents were 18 to 30 years of age, while 81% were age 50+ (36% were age 70+). Results showed Baker polling 11 points ahead of Kriseman with black voters.

This is a sharp contrast to preferences indicated from the Power Broker’s non-scientific Millennials survey, which if at all indicative of actual voter choices, could show a major generational split among St. Petersburg’s African American voters. Please note – StPetePolls did not publish results by age and race combined; this next graphic reflects black voters of all ages with gray bars.

What Millennials said about the candidates

When asked why they will vote for their chosen candidate, it’s clear that Millennials are absorbing campaign messages. Among Kriseman supporters, his “Moving Forward” campaign tagline surfaced in the reasons named by supporters. Nevel voters cited the candidate’s support for “Reparations.” Among Baker backers, sewer issues were mentioned by two respondents (both white).

Thematic analysis shows that the words or terms most often used by Millennials to describe their choices were as follows:

  • Kriseman: progressive, move/moving forward, trust, and care/cares
  • Baker: like, lead/leadership, and sewage/sewer
  • Nevel: reparations, and black folks

(See full list of respondents’ unedited comments at the end of this recap)

Tabularized results from Millennials survey


All Millennials (101)

Black Millennials (73) White Millennials (16) Latino Millennials (3) Ethnicity Not Specified*  (9)
Baker 17 9 6 1 1
Cates 2 2
Congemi 1 1
Kriseman 41 30 7 1 3
Lassiter 3 3
Nevel 15 14 1
Undecided 14 10 1 1 2
Not Voting 8 4 1 3

*Includes those who choose “Prefer Not to Say,” when asked their ethnicity   

Survey Methodology

This non-scientific Millennials Survey was conducted over the course of six days. A seven-question survey was administered in-person, by phone, and via Facebook. Facebook accounted for over 60% of responses. Results have limited applicability and should not be interpreted to represent the preferences of black Millennial age voters on the whole. The Power Broker did not confirm or cross-reference any of the data provided (e.g., ethnicity). The survey’s seven-questions/fill-in fields were:

  1. Your name?
  2. Age?
  3. Ethnicity?
  4. Are you registered to vote in the City of St. Petersburg?
  5. Do you plan to vote in the Aug 29th primary election for Mayor?
  6. Do you know which candidate you will vote for?
  7. Can you say why you will vote for this candidate (in 1 sentence or less)?

Response rates for questions/fields

  Provided Not Provided
Name 96 5
Age 86 15
Ethnicity 96 5
Registered to vote in St. Pete 101 0
Plan to vote in primary 101 0
Reason for candidate choice 78 23

Age details

Age Metrics No. Age Groupings No. %
Average age 30 18 to 30 49 48.5%
Median age 29 30+ 37 36.6%
Youngest respondent 18 Unspecified 15 14.9%
Oldest respondent* 52
No. of respondents over 40 9

Reasons cited for candidate choices

Survey respondents gave the following reasons for their candidate choice (unedited).

He is a strong and effective leader
I meet rick baker and liked him
Pier Lies. Sewage. Overpaid staff.
I like him
Proven leadership and honesty
I think he’s better than Kriseman
He does more for the African-Americans than the other candidates
I liked him as mayor before and I like him much better than Kriseman
I’ve heard a lot of great things about him
Kriseman doesn’t talk about how he’ll help the poor and other candidates are inexperienced
I like the job he’s done before
I asked to speak with him about issues that effect millennium vote he did so immediately.
I don’t like the job krisman did
He did a very good job as St Pete mayor
His vibrant energy and issues that relate to the common person.
I trust he’ll continue to do whats best for our city
Progressive leader with great values and approach.
I have seen and noticed the promise and the change he has made in the city of St. Petersburg.
I personally benefitted from the new small business programs Mr. Kriseman established.
Leaning towards him
Proven leadership without the puppets and show.
The stakes are too high in our City to have a Mayor who likely shares the views of President 45.
He deserves a chance to keep the city moving forward and shows he truly cares about and understands the plight of Midtown residents.
He is trust worthy and promotes an inclusive environment for all.
Their platform centers Black St. Pete and we’re not an afterthought.
Kriseman is progressive; he cares about LGBT and environmental issues, and workers’ rights and wellbeing.  The City Council and many important community leaders and organizations fully support him, too.
I like what he’s don for the city
He will move the city forward.
 because in 4 years he’s done more progressive reforms than Baker and Foster did in 13 years.
He’s a Democrat and has done “okay ” thus far as mayor.
I believe he has led the city in the right direction and will continue to do so.
Progressive Values & Integrity
Kriseman has moved St Petersburg forward for all residents and provided a bright future for our city.
Kriseman because he is a democrat. However, we need to demand more from his administration.
Because he cares about everyone!
I like the progress that has been made.
If you wouldn’t vote for Trump why vote for Baker?
He moving our city forward
I like what he’s done for downtown St. Pete
I moved out of the city because there was nothing here for us. I came back and downtown is great for young people now.
I like him!
Like her name
She visited my church and I liked what she had to say
He is the only one that is going to protect us young black folks from the police!
Resonates w my spirit
He’s the only candidate talking about the poor and working class black community; the only one pro-reparations to the black community!
For the reparations owed to us black folk!
Reparations to the black community.
Candidate Nevel focuses on the real problems.
Represents the people
He’s the best vote
Nevel gives real answers and focuses on real problems
Reparations to the Black Community
Agenda for South St. Petersburg
Reparations make sense.
We change in the political climate in St. Pete
Not voting
(I’m a fellon but I like baker)
Don’t know where to go
I don’t know enough
I don’t know much about the election
Nothing has chaged south of Central Ave.
I don’t  know who’s running
Still determining
I don’t know who’s running
I will vote for the candidate that has the greater outcome for my community which is the southside of st petersburg
My decision will be made solely on statistics and the need within the community.
Need to do more research
I don’t usually vote


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