Gina Driscoll

Gina has lived in St. Petersburg for over 10 years and is dedicated to making the city a better place to live, work, and raise a family for all of our residents. She has also worked to improve the business climate in St. Petersburg for both large and small business. Gina understands the importance of tourism as an economic driver in St. Petersburg and has been a leading voice supporting the Sunshine Street Team.

Candidate Answers & Information
Hometown (City & State): Wabash, IN
Years in St. Petersburg: 11
Years in District (Council candidates): 11
Marital Status: Single
No. of Children + Ages: n/a
Organizational Endorsements: n/a
Occupation: Sales and Marketing Manager, Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown St. Petersburg
Current & Prior Career Positions: Current: Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown St. Petersburg – Sales and Marketing Manager


Clear Channel – Advertising Account Executive

Tampa Bay Times – Advertising Account Executive

Loews Don CeSar Hotel – Group Sales Manager

Graylyn International Conference Center (NC) – Group Sales Manager

Walt Disney World Company – Various positions

Education: Pasco High School (Graduated 1989)

Pasco-Hernando Community College (1988-1990)

University of Tampa (1989-1990)

University of Central Florida (1990-1991)

Community Service/Leadership Roles: Downtown Neighborhood Association – President

Downtown Business Association – Board Member

Central Avenue Council – Organizational Committee Member

Organizational Affiliations: St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce

Council of Neighborhood Associations

St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership

Priorities if Elected: 1. Increasing the supply of affordable housing

2. Supporting our students with before and after school programs and summer programs

3. Continuing to improve our infrastructure and make sure we repair our sewer system

Telephone Number: 727-365-6340
Facebook page:
Instagram page: n/a


Agree & will support Disagree & will not support Agree in principal; suggest changes Disagree but open to discuss Don’t know enough; willing to learn Other Thoughts
The 2020 Plan to reduce poverty by 30% in South St. Petersburg by 2020 X We need a more robust plan that aims to reduce poverty by 100%.
Collective Empowerment Group Comprehensive Plan for Economic Growth & Wealth Building         X
People’s Budget Review

New Deal  Economic Growth Policies & Initiatives

Continued use of South St. Petersburg CRA funding for workforce & business development       X
Social Impact Bond structure to increase investments in programs to increase employment & income in community         X I’ve read about what they are generally, but I would like to learn more about how these would work in St. Petersburg.
Universal Community Benefit Agreement Policy of targeting contracts and jobs to community workers and firms, for all city-supported development projects         X I’ve read about what they are generally, but I would like to learn more about how these would work in St. Petersburg.
Concerned Organizations for Quality Education for Black Students (COQEBS) on-going push for school district policies, programs & investments to close the achievement gap for black students      X

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