Jim Jackson

A decade-long resident of St. Petersburg, Jim Jackson has devoted his life to education and counseling. He is a passionate advocate within the community and brings a citizen focus to facing our City’s challenges.

Candidate Answers & Information
Hometown (City & State): Akron, Ohio
Years in St. Petersburg: 11
Years in District (Council candidates): 11
Marital Status: Divorced
No. of Children + Ages: 2 sons: 37, 44; one granddaughter: 18
Organizational Endorsements: There have not been any endorsements made by organization in this race yet
Occupation: Professor of Psychology  retired   Adjunct Professor now
Current & Prior Career Positions: Professor  at Miami-Dade College, F.I.U,  SPC Gibbs Campus Pinellas District Schools     Intervention Specialist
Education: PhD. In Community Mental Health Florida State University

Two year Postdoctoral Fellowship in Institutional Racism funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, at the University of Hawaii Manoa Campus

B.A., M.A. Medical Sociology, Ohio State University

Community Service/Leadership Roles: Board Member of the League of Women Voters of St Pete

Head Researcher in the Evaluation of Charter Schools in Florida

Voter Services and Moderator of Candidate Forums

Organizational Affiliations: LWV.  Pinellas Dem Party
Priorities if Elected: 1. Pre school education and Apprenticeship training in the trades. We need to put the spotlight on existing pre k centers for certification. We can pressure legislators for better funding for  k-12 and increase the Public Works Academy from 1 to 10.

2. Provide really affordable housing in the 100,000 range with inclusionary zoning and creative building of multifamily dwellings. Slow gentrification south of Tropicana.

3. Keep the pressure on the City to fix the immediate wastewater and sewage treatment plants and plan for 20 years down the road.

Telephone Number: 727 560 8980
Facebook page:
Instagram page:


Agree & will support Disagree & will not support Agree in principal; suggest changes Disagree but open to discuss Don’t know enough; willing to learn Other Thoughts
The 2020 Plan to reduce poverty by 30% in South St. Petersburg by 2020


We are running out of time so I think the Real Deal for St Pete will fill the void until we get 3030
Collective Empowerment Group Comprehensive Plan for Economic Growth & Wealth Building


Much of this should be accomplished by focusing on the 5 star Sustainability program. We are at 4 stars now.
People’s Budget Review

New Deal  Economic Growth Policies & Initiatives


PBR and the New Deal for St Pete has come from the people on a grassroots level. There are so many parts to the  New Deal even if 75% of those variables are addressed we are in a win/win situation.
Continued use of South St. Petersburg CRA funding for workforce & business development


I know the CRA has positives and many critics for how the money is being invested. Grassroots folks and the new generation of AA leaders need to be more involved.
Social Impact Bond structure to increase investments in programs to increase employment & income in community
Universal Community Benefit Agreement Policy of targeting contracts and jobs to community workers and firms, for all city-supported development projects


I want all contracts the city sends out an RFP to empower minority owned businesses to apply.

Concerned Organizations for Quality Education for Black Students (COQEBS) on-going push for school district policies, programs & investments to close the achievement gap for black students


I have tried to work with COQEBS but it has been a frustrating experience. While we litigate and mediate and litigate some more we lose another generation of African American students. No progress.

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