James Scott

James Scott has led sustainability and community initiatives in St. Petersburg since his arrival in 2008. A graduate of University of South Florida St. Petersburg’s Environmental Science and Policy program, Scott established the State of Florida’s first student-led clean energy fund, secured USFSP’s commitment to carbon-neutrality, and led the net-zero energy parking garage project that was largely funded by a $1 million SunSense grant from Duke Energy. As the Student Body President, Scott’s successes included securing funds for the construction of the University Student Center, bringing the first student health services facility to campus, and establishing USFSP student representation on the USF Board of Trustees.

Candidate Answers & Information
Hometown (City & State): Daytona Beach, Florida
Years in St. Petersburg: 9.5
Years in District (Council candidates): 8.5
Marital Status: Single
No. of Children + Ages: N/A
Organizational Endorsements: Sam Henderson, Mayor of Gulfport
Occupation: Sustainability Consultant, Sierra Club
Current & Prior Career Positions: Sustainability Analyst, USF St. Petersburg
Education: Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Environmental Science and Policy, USF St. Petersburg, 2014
Community Service/Leadership Roles: Student Government Senate President, USFSP, 2008-2009 AND 2016

Student Government President, USFSP, 2010-2011

Vice Chair, St. Petersburg Sustainability Council, 2015

Voting Member, Suncoast Sierra Club Executive Committee, 2016-Present

Organizational Affiliations: Sierra Club
Priorities if Elected: Education & Jobs

I am committed to expanding access to education, training and apprenticeships. Workforce development should be an integrated system that starts with young children and ends with retirees.

Clean Energy & Water

I am committed to investing in modernizing our aging sewer system and expanding access to affordable clean energy. My background in environmental science and energy leave me convinced that these are smart investments in our city’s future and a competitive economy in the long term will depend on our embrace of these initiatives.

Affordable Housing

I am committed to increasing access to affordable housing. For new major developments, contributing to the city’s affordable housing stock ought to be a cost of doing business in our community, because driving greater public and private investment into affordable housing is essential to maintaining our city’s character and expanding economic opportunity.

Telephone Number: 386-481-7179
Facebook page:
Instagram page: jamesscottstpete
Agree & will support Disagree & will not support Agree in principal; suggest changes Disagree but open to discuss Don’t know enough; willing to learn Other Thoughts
The 2020 Plan to reduce poverty by 30% in South St. Petersburg by 2020


This is community-driven, so I am inclined to support it.
Collective Empowerment Group Comprehensive Plan for Economic Growth & Wealth Building


This is community-driven, so I am inclined to support it.
People’s Budget Review

New Deal  Economic Growth Policies & Initiatives


This is community-driven, so I am inclined to support it.
Continued use of South St. Petersburg CRA funding for workforce & business development


This initiative will take time to work out the kinks – but generally speaking it is a key tool, and I believe there is enough community support to justify maintaining its course.
Social Impact Bond structure to increase investments in programs to increase employment & income in community


Innovative tool!
Universal Community Benefit Agreement Policy of targeting contracts and jobs to community workers and firms, for all city-supported development projects    


    Also a good idea, but I’m not certain ALL projects should qualify (i.e. small project might get bogged down unnecessarily)
Concerned Organizations for Quality Education for Black Students (COQEBS) on-going push for school district policies, programs & investments to close the achievement gap for black students


        This is community-driven, so I am inclined to support it.

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