Corey Givens, Jr.

Corey Givens is a dedicated leader and a strong voice for St. Petersburg’s South Side and Downtown.  In addition to volunteering his time to dozens of community groups and causes, he serves on the South St. Petersburg citizens Advisory Council and as President of the Lakewood Terrace Neighborhood Association.

Candidate Answers & Information
Hometown (City & State): St. Petersburg, FL
Years in St. Petersburg: 25 years
Years in District (Council candidates): 15 years
Marital Status: Single
No. of Children + Ages: N/A
Organizational Endorsements: N/A
Occupation: Senior Claims Clerk
Current & Prior Career Positions: Senior Claims Clerk at WellCare Health Plans, Inc.
Paraprofessional at Lakewood Elementary
Education: A.A. Certificate from Florida State University
B.A. in Mass Communications from USFSP
Community Service/Leadership Roles: Suncoast Sierra Club Executive Committee; South St. Pete Citizens Advisory Committee; Past 2nd Vice President of the NAACP St. Pete Branch; 5000 Role Models Mentor; Lakewood Terrace Neighborhood Association President
Organizational Affiliations: Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.
Priorities if Elected: 1. Quality Affordable Housing – I’ll work to connect people to the free dollars the city has available to assist with down payment and closing cost associated with buying a new home. I’ll also make it a priority that we expand workforce housing by partnering with credit unions, HUD, and non-profit organizations like Habitat for Humanity.

2. Sustainable Living – I will work with the private and public sector to recruit high-tech companies that hire local and pay sustainable living wages. I’ll work to bring quality food and grocery options into a food desert.

3. Renewed Emphasis on Youth & Family Services – Use city resources to communicate the various programs and resources available to help provide support to our families and those who are without a home. I’ll work with our state and federal officials to bring more dollars into our city to support those living below the poverty line, helping transition them into a better place in life.

Telephone Number: 727-433-5477
Facebook page:
Instagram page: @CoreyGivensJr


Agree & will support Disagree & will not support Agree in principal; suggest changes Disagree but open to discuss Don’t know enough; willing to learn Other Thoughts
The 2020 Plan to reduce poverty by 30% in South St. Petersburg by 2020


Collective Empowerment Group Comprehensive Plan for Economic Growth & Wealth Building


People’s Budget Review

New Deal  Economic Growth Policies & Initiatives


Continued use of South St. Petersburg CRA funding for workforce & business development


Social Impact Bond structure to increase investments in programs to increase employment & income in community


Universal Community Benefit Agreement Policy of targeting contracts and jobs to community workers and firms, for all city-supported development projects


Concerned Organizations for Quality Education for Black Students (COQEBS) on-going push for school district policies, programs & investments to close the achievement gap for black students


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